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Propranolol is a kind of beta-blocker, which is prescribed in cases of hypertension, irregular heart rhythm, tachycardia and other heart disorders. Propranolol reduces stress on heart by blocking beta1- and beta2-adrenoreceptors. It”s also helpful in cases of migraine and heart attack prevention. The medication may be taken by mouth or injected into the vein
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  • Propranolol:  An ideal solution to your anxiety and panic attacks

    What is Propranolol?
    A beta blocker which works as a synthetic compound and acts as a beta adrenergic blocking agent and its main usage is found in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia. It was discovered in the year 1964.

    Propranolol is also used for the cure of high blood pressure, unbalanced heart beat, anxiety and panic attacks, thyrotoxicosis and essential tremors. It is used to find treatment for the migraine headaches, to keep away from the further heart issues or previous history of heart attacks. There are two ways of taking it in that are intake through mouth or injecting into the vein. The process through which it is taken by mouth comes in two versions that are short acting or long acting versions.

    Precautions before taking the medicine
    If people have had a past history of heart problems, or an individual suffering from asthma should seek medical advice before consuming the medicine. If you have specific problems related to the blood pressure, such as fluctuations in the B.P, then too you should discuss with your doctor before taking the medicine. In case of pregnancy too, one should inform the doctor in order to avoid any adverse effects on the health of both the mother and child.

    Dosage of Propranolol
    The medication has different formulation of dosage for varied health problems thus the dosage should be taken as instructed by your physician or doctor.
    For example, in case of hypertension, about 40 mg of dose should be taken orally about 2 times a day. For the treatment of Arrhythmias about 10 to 30 mg oral dosage should be taken about 3 to 4 times a day before your meals and at bedtime. Appropriate amount of time should be given for the medicine to reach its site of action even in case of slow circulation. Furthermore, any additional drug should not be given in the span of time within 4 hours. Let’s take another example for Migraine Prophylaxis; the initial dose should be 80 mg of the drug orally per day in equal distributed doses. The maintenance dose or the sustained dose should be about 160 to 240 mg per day in distributed doses.
    All of the above mentioned doses are for adults and the instructions should be strictly followed and kept in mind before taking the medicine. The dosage may vary in case of children and adolescents.

    Common side effects of Propranolol

    • Nausea, headache, vomiting, etc
    • Abdominal pain or stomach pain
    • Stomach upset and constipation
    • Slow or irregular heart rate

    In case a dose is missed
    In case a dose is missed, then whenever you recall about the dose, do have it or the time scheduled for the next dose arrives, then don’t take the missed dose together with it, instead take only one dose.

    In case of overdose
    If the overdose of this beta adrenergic blocking agent occurs then the following symptoms occur: -

    Irregulations in heart beat rate, fluctuations in blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, hypotension, breathing problems, etc.


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