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Prednisolone is produced specially for people with liver disorders who are unable to metabolize prednisone. This medicine prevents substances causing inflammation from being released, thus, it”s widely used to treat autoimmune and inflammatory conditions like endocrine problems, collagen diseases, some kinds of cancer, etc..
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  • Prednisolone; an active anti inflammatory for asthmatic patients

    Prednisolone is basically a synthetic steroid and glucocorticoid which is one of the derivatives of the steroid cortisol that acts as an obstacle for the substances that grounds the cause for inflammation. It also represses the immune system of a human body. It acts as an active metabolite of the synthetic drug prednisone.

    Uses of Prednisolone
    Prednisolone is used as an effective anti-inflammatory and anti immune suppressant. It finds usage for the cure of a diverse range of inflammatory conditions that are asthma, rheumatoid, arthritis, ulcerative colitis, pericarditis, temporal arthritis, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Kawasaki disease, autoimmune hepatitis, Bell’s palsy to name a few of them.

    Precautions to be taken

    • Pregnant women or breastfeeding or individuals who are in contact which anyone suffering from chicken pox, or shingles should avoid the use of Prednisolone.
    • A past or family history of diabetes or glaucoma, fragile bones, stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, hypothyroidism should discuss with the doctor before taking the medication.
    • Those who have been consuming any other similar medicine or the derivative of Prednisolone, i.e., Prednisone or have problems related to muscles or joints such as arthritis, heart related health issues, liver or kidney problems should also consult the doctor before taking in the medicine.
    • Mentally ill patients or who have ever undergone through extreme or hyperactive depression or a family history of the same should check with his health expert as to how to take the medicine.
    • Any past history of a viral or fungal infection such as athlete’s foot disease, allergic to certain type of sugars should also seek medical advice before taking the medicine.

    It should be stored in a dry place with a temperature below 25 degree and should be protected from light. If the seal on the medicine’s bottle has been broken, then it should be utilized within 28 days.

    Side effects of the use of Prednisolone

    • Weight gain, amplification in the appetite
    • Feeling of nausea, vomiting
    • Redness on the face/discoloration of skin, impairment in the wound healing, rashes on the skin, skin thinning, build up of fluid are some of the dermatological effects.
    • Hyperglycemia which refers to the diabetic patients who are in need of increased insulin.
    • Electrolyte imbalance that is fluctuations in the blood pressure, high or low, or increase in the sodium level and low potassium level.
    • Disturbances in one’s behavior.

    Dosage of Prednisolone
    The amount of dosage varies according to the ailment for which the medicine is to be taken. For example in case of anti inflammatory diseases, the adult dosage should be 5 to 60 mg orally in equal distributed doses of 1 to 4 times a day. Secondly, the adult dose of bronchopulmonary dysphlasia is 200 mg on a daily basis for a week and 80 mg for a month in the form of syrups and tablets in case of acute conditions.

    In case a dose is missed?
    Take the missed dose whenever you recall about the same, in case the time for the next scheduled dose has arrived then skip the missed dose.

    In case of an over dosage?

    Seek medical advice as soon as possible in case you have taken an overdose of the steroid and do as instructed by your doctor.


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