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Belonging to the group of antitumor hormonal drugs, Nolvadex is prescribed to women with different kinds of breast cancer. Its mechanism of action is based on blocking the effect of estrogen on some tumors. It”s available in pills of 10 mg and 20 mg.
Active Ingredient: tamoxifen
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Nolvadex 20mg
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  • What is Nolvadex?
    The drug Tamoxifen Citrate is more commonly known by the generic name Nolvadex that is formulated to combat with some particular types of breast cancer seen among both men and women. By upsetting the activity of estrogen within our body, it is used after anabolic steroid use. The drug like Nolvadex is considered as selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that restrains the additional production of estrogen to maintain its proper balance required for protein synthesis and other metabolic functions.

    What are the functionalities of Nolvadex?
    Like a regulator drug, Nolvadex controls the level of estrogen produced in your body without generating any adverse effects in your body for the long run. People suffer from gyno or unusual swelling in the breast due to an abnormal rising of the estrogen level. Even it may affect excess water retention that harms the bodybuilding goal of men. Even problems like prostate disease, cardiovascular issues, strokes, decreasing the mineral density level in bones may arise from this skyrocketing level of estrogen. Now Nolvadex acts as an antiestrogen that prevents the effects of estrogen on specific tumors that may cause cancer in the body. Thus, it helps to treat breast cancer and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

    Some Important Information about the Usage of Nolvadex
    Before taking Nolvadex, you need to be aware of certain criteria such as-

    • You should avoid the drug Nolvadex if you have an allergic tendency to any of its ingredients.
    • If you have a previous medical record of a blood clot in leg or lung, you do not use Nolvadex.
    • When taking anastrozole, you should avoid Nolvadex for reducing the risk of breast cancer.
    • If you face any of these problems, you must consult with the health care provider first.

    How should I use Nolvadex?
    When you are going to use Nolvadex, you must follow the instructions of your doctor. However,

    • You need to follow the medication guide after reading it appropriately.
    • You may require taking the medicine orally including or excluding food.
    • You are allowed to take it with water or with any nonalcoholic liquid.
    • You must complete the entire course of the medicine even if you recover.
    • If you forget to take one dose, try to take it as soon as you remember.

    What I need to do if I miss a dose?
    In case you find that your next dose timing is about to come, then you should skip the missed dose as taking two doses together is not good for health.

    What should I do if I overdose?
    In the case of overdose, symptoms such as constant dizziness, breathing disturbance, exaggerated reflexes, trouble walking, seizures may happen. Therefore, you should immediately look for emergency medical attention if you overdose with Nolvadex.

    What are the possible side effects of Nolvadex?
    Although there is the possibility of side effects due to Nolvadex, for most of the men and women, this drug is well tolerated. Some side effects are little more frequent for women as they face problems like a headache, stomach upset, vaginal bleeding, itching, discomfort or discharge.

    Some people even suffer from skin rash, pulmonary embolism, endometrial changes, reducing white blood cell counts and increased triglyceride level in the body and so on.


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